A place for body acceptance. Please submit stories, photographs, links, and whatever else you wish. Just keep it body positive. Everyone is allowed. My name is Ashley and I'm recovering from many years of eating disorders myself. I thought it would be fantastic to have a safe place for everyone who wishes to participate. Please note that I also post things relating to race, sexuality, gender, etc.

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A blog recommendation and a retraction..

I wanted to let all of you know about a lovely blog called Fuck Yeah All the Girls: http://fuckyeahallthegirls.tumblr.com/ The blog runner is amazing and the blog accepts submissions from anyone who identifies as female.

I also wanted to retract the recommendations for Queer Beauty and SuicideTrans. I posted that before I saw the negative response and I apologize.

There are now two blogs promoting queer & trans beauty



one is more general, i.e. Queer Beauty;

and the other is for trans people, SuicideTrans.

I’m really glad these two blogs came out of all that Suicide(cis)Girls bullshit.

Follow them!

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The lovely girls over at fnoeatingdisorders recommended me and I’d like to do the same for them. As I’ve said before, I’ve been struggling with eating disorders for over six years now and finding blogs like this has been so nice. Due to the content it deals with, it can obviously be triggering but it is not pro-E.D.s in the slightest. I’d highly recommend their tumblr for anyone who has the same struggles.