A place for body acceptance. Please submit stories, photographs, links, and whatever else you wish. Just keep it body positive. Everyone is allowed. My name is Ashley and I'm recovering from many years of eating disorders myself. I thought it would be fantastic to have a safe place for everyone who wishes to participate. Please note that I also post things relating to race, sexuality, gender, etc.

You are beautiful

I don’t now if there is anyone here who knows Swedish, but the tattoo the focus is on means You are beautiful.
Du - You
Är - are
Vacker - Beautiful
So that is my message to you all!
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A blog recommendation and a retraction..

I wanted to let all of you know about a lovely blog called Fuck Yeah All the Girls: http://fuckyeahallthegirls.tumblr.com/ The blog runner is amazing and the blog accepts submissions from anyone who identifies as female.

I also wanted to retract the recommendations for Queer Beauty and SuicideTrans. I posted that before I saw the negative response and I apologize.

This is something I’ve been wanting to discuss for awhile. On a lot of eating disorder recovery and body acceptance blogs, I’ve seen frequent use of the word fat in a negative light. I think one of the most helpful things one can do in terms of recovery and acceptance is to stop seeing fat as an insult and overall bad thing. It isn’t. So, instead of blogging about how x percentage of girls find themselves fat and how that is “horrible,” maybe you should stop and think about how you’re playing into that mindset without realizing it. Why not take the time to remove the social stigma of the word instead?

Fat isn’t a negative.

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There are now two blogs promoting queer & trans beauty



one is more general, i.e. Queer Beauty;

and the other is for trans people, SuicideTrans.

I’m really glad these two blogs came out of all that Suicide(cis)Girls bullshit.

Follow them!

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For the anonymous person who left that question and for everyone else who struggles.

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I don’t usually reblog pictures of people, but what a wonderful photograph. How can you not smile when you look at this?

Response to an ask

Trigger warning: contains discussion of eating disorders.

Question: I’m starting to develop an obsession with food. I ate dinner tonight and I ate a whole lot of pizza (not as bad as it sounds, I ate salad too), and all I could think about was how I should stop eating and how I’m going to have to not eat much tomorrow to avoid gaining weight.
I didn’t binge, because I wasn’t uncomfortably full, but I’ve had loads of food for lunch the past three days and another big lunch tomorrow and it’s really freaking me out. I’ve weighed myself every day for the past week.

I never used to do this, I used to eat what I wanted and actually thought I was too thin, but now its different, and it’s scaring me. I don’t want to develop any disorders, because I’ve seen what it does to people but I’m really worried.

Answer: I am so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I know exactly where you’re coming from. It’s great that you realize so early on what is happening and that you are reaching out.

I’m not a therapist, so I can only give you what I know from my experience (and my experience is wonky since I’m still struggling with my EDs). If at all possible, I would suggest that you see someone that deals with eating disorders because it only gets harder the longer it goes on. First off, I highly suggest having someone hide your scale. Not being able to see those numbers is very stressful at first but better in the long run. If certain foods make you feel like binging, try to stay away from them without being too restrictive. I don’t know if that makes much sense? Pizza was always a big one for me, so I try to avoid it unless I can share with other people and not eat the whole thing (I know you said you didn’t binge, but that might still apply?). Just don’t start labeling certain foods as good or bad.

As for the negative thoughts, I don’t know how to make them go away completely myself. Having someone I trust reassure me that it’s okay and I’m not [insert nasty thing here] for having eaten something has been a bit helpful. However, it can obviously be hard to find someone willing to do that and it’s a bit horrifying.

I’m sorry that this probably wasn’t that helpful. http://pro-recovery.tumblr.com/ would be a good place to go for more help, they’re fantastic. Please feel free to contact me on my personal tumblr if you want a friend to talk to without it being anonymous and/or out in the open like this. I would be happy to talk to you more about the things that have helped me if it would do any good at all for you.

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