A place for body acceptance. Please submit stories, photographs, links, and whatever else you wish. Just keep it body positive. Everyone is allowed. My name is Ashley and I'm recovering from many years of eating disorders myself. I thought it would be fantastic to have a safe place for everyone who wishes to participate. Please note that I also post things relating to race, sexuality, gender, etc.

Operation Beautiful

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Take this week as an opportunity to educate yourselves and spread awareness. This is a real, deadly disease, and it affects thousands of females and males of all ages. →


Don’t ever be afraid of your bikinis, girls!

Love your bodies, love yourselves, be confident and just have fun! Life is too short for self-loathing! Even if you want to change your body, don’t waste any time “hating” it, love yourself today AND tomorrow, before AND after.

Our insecurities are just in our heads, and when they take control of our self-esteem, the bullies will take advantage, nothing better to do than to pick on someone who is already down, or perhaps you’re up, so then the attempt is to bring you down. People will find any reason to pick on you, be their reasons true or false, you can call me ugly, you can call me unhealthy, it doesn’t make it true, and NOTHING ever JUSTIFIES bullying. Pay them no mind, roll your eyes at the lie, leave them talking to an empty room, delete the hate mail, and carry some pepper spray for those who may physically harass you and remind yourself that a bully is 10 times as insecure as you to target you; attempt to hurt you in the first place.

You deserve to be happy! So embrace your body! Be thankful for what you have! You are ALIVE!! Take a DEEP breath. You feel that air? The oxygen filling up your lungs. That’s beautiful.

You have all the opportunities in the world! You can do anything! I know that there is darkness in the world, there are cruel people, and shitty circumstances. But the world keeps spinning, it’s not gonna stop, every day is a new day, full of new opportunities and we should all take advantage. I know it can hurt, I know what it’s like to want to die because of how much it hurts… but you can turn it all around. You find joy in life no matter what your circumstances! It’s not over until it’s over, and there is so much LIFE out there for you to explore!

You are beautiful. Your life is beautiful. Take another breath, inhale positivity and light, let it attach itself to your lungs. Exhale, pain and anger, push it all out. You’re doing it, you’re surviving and you can love yourself and you can be happy.



Looking for help

Hey everyone,

I am not doing well at the moment and am looking for some help running this blog. I obviously have a hard time updating it as often as it should be. If you’re interested, please send me an email at fybodylove@gmail.com.

Also, I would LOVE to see more submissions. Remember that everyone is accepted as long as the comments aren’t incredibly negative.





This is really powerful.

Oh my god, this is such a perfect way to make a statement.

Yes. Yes yes yes.


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I drew this for myself one night when I was feeling pretty terrible about myself and my body. Drawing her looking pretty and confident kind of pushed me to start being that way myself. :>

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raiinbowcampaign asked: Hi! I'm Madeline, and my friend Gia and I just started this small advice column type group and it would really mean a lot if you could check us out or help promote in anyway! We promote individuality through inspiration as well as self-love and acceptance. :) Thank you! http://raiinbowcampaign.tumblr.com/


And don’t you forget it! ♥

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